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Apple Carrot Cake with Date Frosting – Vegan, Sugarfree, Glutenfree

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Frisch gepresster Karrotten-Apfel-Saft…super lecker. Warum also den Treber (die Überreste des Fruchtfleisches) wegschmeißen, wenn sich darauß ein fabelhaft saftiger Kuchen backen lässt? Genau, also nicht auf den Kompost werfen sondern rein in die Backform ;-)
Das war nicht mal mein erster Versuch aus den Saftresten einen Kuchen zubacken, dafür aber mein bester. Ich wollte den Kuchen ganz ohne Zucker machen. Deswegen habe ich Datteln in etwas Sojamilch eingelegt und sie püriert. Was raus kam war unbeschreiblich. Also warum nicht nur in den Kuchen, sondern auch auf den Kuchen? Eine zweite Mischung aus Datteln und Milch kam zusätzlich noch auf den Kuchen ;-) Diese zweite Mischung war auch mehr als notwendig, da die erste … na sagen wir mal…wirklich lecker war, siehe letztes Bild.

Freshly juiced carrot apple juice…super yummy. So why throw out the pulp, when you can make an amazing, juicy cake as well? Exactly, so don’t throw it on your compost just yet, but in your baking pan ;-)

This hasn’t been my first take on “pulp-cake”, but by far my best one. I wanted to make this cake whith absolutly no sugar. That’s why I soaked dates in soy milk and purred them. There are no words for the heavenly mixture that came out. So why shoud I just add the mixture to the cake batter and not on top as well? A second batch was quickly made. This was neccessary, as…well…lets just say the mix was so yummy (see last pic).

The recipe (for medium, round baking tin)

What you’ll need
– 4 cups Dates
– 1 bag of carrots (2 llbs or 1 kg)
– 2 apples
– 2 cups oat flour
– 1 cup glutenfree oat flour
– 1 Tabelspoon  Pumpkinspice
– 1/4 Teaspoon Salt
– 1 Teaspoon Bakingpowder
– 1/4 cup of water (only if you’re using the pulp)
– 1 cup of any milk alternative you wish (I used soy-rice milk)

What you wanna do
– Soak dates in the milk. Set aside.
– Juice the carrots and the apples. If you don’t have a juicer just shred the carrots and the apples.
– Mix the pulp with the dry ingerdients.
– Add the water (only if you’re using the pulp) to the mixture. And blend togehter. I used a fork.
– Put the soaked dates with the milk in food processor and process until a thick consitency comes out.
– Take one half of the date-milk-puree and mix with the main batter.
– Use a non sticky round baking tin and place mixture in it. This goes in the oven on 150 °C/ 300° F for about 30 minutes or until a toothstick comes out clean.
– When the cake is done place on a cooling rack for 30 minutes.
– At last spread the rest of the dates on top of the cake as frosting.