Theos Birthday Cake

Although Theo’s birthday has been 3 month ago, I wanted to share the cake I made for him. I don’t have exact measurements, but I wanted to show you that a beautiful, delicious cake can be made without any refined sugar and vegan.

It is actually a two layerd banana bread ;-P So here’s what I did: I baked two banana breads in a round cake tin. I never use sugar with my banana breads, just 4-6 of the ripest (sometimes almost dark brown) bananas. For inbetween the layers and the frosting I mixed together 2 packs of Simply V cream “cheese” spread (almond based), coconut sugar, cacao, melted dark chocolate. And as a decoration I just added fresh berries and daisies.

[Shout out to my mom ;) My parents have the most natural, greenest and lush garden – I love spending time there.]

I’ve been very happy with how it turned out: super rich, dense and creamy. Perfect for those chubby, little fingers. No added white sugar or dairy.

I wish I’ve taken more pictures of this beautiful cake (and maybe some measurements) – but these will have to do and I know you’ll get what I mean :)

— Elisa

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