Thoughts on Friday

Over the past week I’ve collected a few things here in the lovely land of the interweb, that I thought I shoud share.

Bircha Recipe by the stunning Loni Jane. It’s the Bircher Muesli 2.0. A proven breakfast in a new version – I mean – what is there not to like? I’ve tried it and it’s super yummy and easy to make. Loni even said, that it flattens your tummy. Say what!

TED talk – by Tim Ferris. My favorit podcaster, just launched his new TV series Fear{less} and with that his second TED talk “Why should you define your fears instead of your goals?”. He talks about his darkest moments and how he overcame them. Very inspiring. 

Article: At home with Jetsetmama. You have to follow Claire on Instagram. She is funny, witty, never too shy of a long caption and a super lovely mama to er three little ones. Also: she just travelled from Byron Bay, Australia all the way to London alone with her kids. Crazy.

Question: Maybe is where you’re at in life right now exactly where you need to be? Someone asked me that the other day, when we discussed some things going on in our life and I thought “Well, maybe heck yes!”.


Hope to inspire you with this random collection of thoughts and links, loads of love…


Theos Birthday Cake

Although Theo’s birthday has been 3 month ago, I wanted to share the cake I made for him. I don’t have exact measurements, but I wanted to show you that a beautiful, delicious cake can be made without any refined sugar and vegan.

It is actually a two layerd banana bread ;-P So here’s what I did: I baked two banana breads in a round cake tin. I never use sugar with my banana breads, just 4-6 of the ripest (sometimes almost dark brown) bananas. For inbetween the layers and the frosting I mixed together 2 packs of Simply V cream “cheese” spread (almond based), coconut sugar, cacao, melted dark chocolate. And as a decoration I just added fresh berries and daisies.

[Shout out to my mom ;) My parents have the most natural, greenest and lush garden – I love spending time there.]

I’ve been very happy with how it turned out: super rich, dense and creamy. Perfect for those chubby, little fingers. No added white sugar or dairy.

I wish I’ve taken more pictures of this beautiful cake (and maybe some measurements) – but these will have to do and I know you’ll get what I mean :)

— Elisa

Snack Idea – Rawnola

Oh my goodness, this must’ve been the longest time, that I haven’t written a blogpost. The last one was Theo’s six months update (he’s over a year now). But I’ve missed it. That’s why I’m doing another post today and hope I continue writing more consistently. 

I always wait to put out any posts, or for that matter anything else that I’ve created, because I think it’s not good enough or not ready yet. And than when I look back it makes me sad to see such a big gap in my posts instead of just a few not so “perfect” ones. I don’t want to put out content just for the sake of it, I want a journal of my life. The tings I’m doing at the moment, that excite me or that I want to dive more into. I want something to look back to or even to go back to and re-read.

So, well lets start today with a simple post, a simple inspiration. Because it’s all about the little things right? Oh and I should mention, I don’t want to post super thought out recipes anymore, but also inspiration like this one today. Because this isn’t a recipe that I created, but it’s a recipe that tried and love! It’s the rawnola recipe from Loni (@lonijane on Instagram). What is rawnola? Glad you ask. Basically it’s granola (your usual cereals or muesli in the morning) but raw and not baked. It’s the most easiest recipe you can think of, with only three ingredients but you’ll need a high speed blender to chop up the dates and mix it all together. And because I can’t tell you all the benefits from my mind, here’s a quote from Lonis site “Oats pack quite the protein fiber punch as well as good slow releasing carbs, the dates help you with digestion and elimination of waste and are full of B vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin which assist the body greatly in the breakdown of sugars, energy production, and emotional wellbeing.”

So and if this doesn’t encourage you to make a batch of it, how does this sound to you: Cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. Yep! It’s that good and totally ok for you to eat whenever you wish.

I have mine with some form of fruit – preferrably berries or nectarines – and oat milk. Have a try and let me know what you think :-)


Have a great day!